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Sunday, June 19

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Kin Lane, Chief Evangelist Postman

Kin Lane

Chief Evangelist


Debbie Levitt, CEO Delta CX

Debbie Levitt


Delta CX


Delta CX is about creating change, and architecting 360 degrees of meaningful experiences. Your customers must have meaningful experiences with your product, service, and brand. Your “customers” are anybody doing business with your company, including partners, agents, procurement specialists, donors, and end-users. Your employees, contractors, and other workers want to have meaningful experiences in their jobs.

We are the change agents who create innovation, disruption, and improvements.

In this Breaking Changes, Postman Chief Evangelist Kin Lane welcomes Delta CX CEO Debbie Levitt for a conversation about improving the user and developer experience. With a refreshingly honest view of the true effectiveness of agile, Debbie challenges the standard operation procedures and offers a better approach to the development of a truly enhanced user experience.

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