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Episode 7: "Finding Your 'Inner Source' Through DevOps"

Aired: Wednesday, July 21, 9:00 a.m. (PDT)

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Kin Lane, Chief Evangelist Postman

Kin Lane

Chief Evangelist


Karan M.V., Developer Relations Manager GitHub

Karan M.V.

Developer Relations Manager



GitHub is the heartbeat of the open source software community, providing the technical source control for 65 million developers worldwide. Pioneering open source projects helped GitHub understand more about the effective ways to collaboratively develop software; the term "inner source" references the practice of applying these lessons across internal projects within organizations.

In this episode of Breaking Changes, Postman Chief Evangelist Kin Lane welcomes Karan from GitHub to learn about how organizations can implement "inner source" best practices to break down silos, encourage internal collaboration, and foster a better engineering culture.

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