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Sunday, October 30

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Kin Lane, Chief Evangelist Postman

Kin Lane

Chief Evangelist


Felicia Persaud, Founder Invest Caribbean and Hard Beat Communications

Felicia Persaud


Invest Caribbean and Hard Beat Communications


News Americas News Network is a daily syndicated newswire covering the Black Immigrant Community in the US with a focus on the Caribbean and Latin American black communities. It is syndicated on Google News, Apple News, SyniGate Media, and across 22 Caribbean news sites, including the Caribbean Today in Florida, Tempo TV, and on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

In this episode of Breaking Changes, Kin Lane is joined by Felicia Persaud, founder of Invest Caribbean and Hard Beat Communications, about how information flows into and out of the Caribbean and the need to continue making business owners and government agencies aware of the role technology is playing, while continuing to empower the next generation of startups and investors about the opportunity that exists in the Caribbean.

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