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"The Journey of HashiCorp and Why I Stepped Away" with Mitchell Hashimoto

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Breaking Changes is a weekly talk show where guests discuss, debate, and solve the latest topics around APIs.

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In this episode of Breaking Changes, Postman Head of Product-Observability Jean Yang is joined by Mitchell Hashimoto, founder at HashiCorp, to share insights into their journey and strategic decisions. From navigating remote-work challenges to fostering a chat-literate culture, Mitchell delves into HashiCorp's multi-product approach and changes they've pioneered in the industry. This conversation digs deep into company culture, remote-work dynamics, hiring an external CEO, and why he decided to step away.


Jean Yang

Jean Yang

Head of Product - Observability, Postman, Postman

Mitchell Hashimoto

Mitchell Hashimoto

Founder, HashiCorp


At HashiCorp, we believe infrastructure enables innovation, and we are helping organizations to operate that infrastructure in the cloud. Our suite of multi-cloud infrastructure automation products—built on projects with source code freely available at their core—underpin the most important applications for the largest enterprises in the world