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API Publishers Series, Part 2: Increase Adoption of Your Public API

Aired: Wednesday, October 20, 8:00 a.m. (PDT)

Postman Intergalactic Logo. Illustration.

Join us for a one-hour, intermediate-level Postman learning session geared specifically for API publishers. Now that you have a workspace to showcase your public API from the 'API Publishers Series, Part 1: Introduction to Documentation' session, part 2 will walk you through the next steps to increase adoption and community engagement with your API.

Here's what we'll do in this session:

  • Explain the different types of API documentation (e.g. reference, workflows, guides)
  • Explain how Postman supports these various types of documentation
  • Optimize time to first call (TTFC) with interactive API documentation
  • Identify marketing tactics for increasing community engagement with your API
  • Build awareness and adoption of your public API
  • Keep collections DRY and secure using variables
  • Discuss other advanced productivity tips



Arlémi Turpault, Senior Developer Advocate Postman

Arlémi Turpault

Senior Developer Advocate


Carson Hunter, Technical Enablement Architect Postman

Carson Hunter

Technical Enablement Architect


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