Design and mock APIs with Postman

Build higher-quality APIs faster with Postman mock API servers.

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See Exactly How Your API will Run—Even Before It's in Production

API design is the key to building quality APIs that last. Postman's mock API servers simplify design and planning, support split-stack development, and help you ensure that your API will run the way it's supposed to in production.

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Build Higher Quality APIs

Shorten Time to Production

Work more efficiently with Postman's API mock servers. Postman mocks support split-stack development so front-end and back-end developers can work in parallel and view responses without spinning up the back end.

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Design Your API with Flexible Schema Support

Postman mock servers complement Postman's extended schema support. Write, edit, or import your API schema to define your API's data structure and generate a collection from your API schema. You can review API responses using mock servers so you can reliably build your API from the ground up—all in one central place.

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Simulate the Expected Behavior of Your API

Postman Mock Servers simulate API responses that applications and services can utilize even before the API is built. Postman matches requests and generate responses to show you how your API will run in production.

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Catch and Fix Bugs Early

Mock servers increase visibility into errors and weak spots in your API, so you can debug effectively and efficiently. You can easily use mock servers to test for response errors continuously or as often as you need throughout the API lifecycle.

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Create Public or Private Mock Servers in Postman

Postman provides two different types of mock servers. Public mock servers are great for open source or individual projects, but if you're working on internal or private APIs, you can easily keep your APIs secure by viewing API responses with private mock servers.

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Visualize Your Data

Postman Visualizer can help turn your API data into charts and graphs. Combined with Postman mocks, developers can utilize Visualizer to help API consumers more easily understand API responses.

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Get Started with Postman Mock Servers

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