Join Postbot's Enterprise Early Access

We need your input and feedback to help us refine Postbot's enterprise capabilities before launch. This is your chance to directly impact the product and share what your team needs to build better APIs.

Postman is looking for enterprise users to join our closed beta/early access program for Postbot, our newest AI assistant that helps supercharge your API workflows.

As an early enterprise partner, you'll get access to features like:

  • Automatic test script generation for entire API collections
  • Fixing broken tests with AI-powered suggestions
  • Instant API documentation created with a single click
  • Conversational interface to visualize responses your way

Enterprise features/capabilities:

High Availability

Postbot ensures your critical AI functions are always available, supporting your business continuity with enterprise-grade reliability.

Controlled License Management

Manage Postbot licenses seamlessly within your organization, ensuring compliance and optimizing resource allocation.

Admin Oversight

A new AI admin role can oversee Postbot's operations, ensuring quality control and enhancing the review process of API documentation and testing workflows.

Join the waitlist

Spots in the beta program are limited. Sign up to join the waitlist for early access.

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