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Postman Live Collections

Live Collections enable you to automatically create and update Collection documentation from requests observed on the application. Now you can build better APIs faster, without worrying about out-of-sync documentation.

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Live Collections enable Postman teams to automatically update API requests with real-time data. When you activate Live Collections, Postman will observe your API's usage and bring you live insights, so your team can better evaluate the quality, efficiency, and security of your APIs at scale.

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Automatically update your Collection documentation

When you activate Live Collections, the Postman SDK observes requests served by your application and documents your Collection for you, so you can focus on the development work that matters most.

Understand API consumption patterns

Live Collections document examples based on different patterns of your API usage, so you can observe exactly how your consumers are consuming your APIs.

Produce high-quality APIs with superior insights

With always up-to-date collection documentation and usage pattern data, you're able to build higher quality APIs that better serve your end users.

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Benefits of Live Collections

Easily implement with SDK

Postman's pre-built libraries and code snippets can be easily generated, simplifying the integration process.

Establish a source of truth for your APIs

Anyone on your team can reference and fork APIs that are updated in real time.

Minimize collection maintenance

Self-instrument your code to power Live Collections. Automate testing and troubleshooting workflows.

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