August 2022 Newsletter

It's been a busy month for the Postman team, and we're excited to share two big pieces of news: The State of the API Report and a preview of Postman v10.

State of the API Report

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Postman's 2022 State of the API Report is the largest and most comprehensive survey and report on APIs, ever. It reveals how more than 37,000 developers and industry professionals are spending their time on APIs, what tools and technologies they like most, and what they expect for hiring and spending over the coming year.

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Postman V10

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We're thrilled about Postman v10, which is coming soon! You'll find native Git support for API Builder, support for gRPC, Partner Workspaces, a new Postman CLI to automate testing, and enhancements to API security and governance.

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Platfrom updates

Collection Documentation Gets Tighter Governance

For teams on the Postman Enterprise plan, publishing documentation will now go through the same approval process as workspaces and collections, further enabling airtight governance on the Postman API Platform.

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Test gRPC APIs with Postman

We've supercharged our gRPC support by adding the capability of writing test specifications for all of your use cases. We hope these improvements will make your workflow even more efficient by allowing easier API development and testing.

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Postman Now Has Mock Servers for gRPC

With Postman, gRPC users can just copy and paste a mock URL of a Protobuf API, and get instant, reliable mocking that always stays up-to-date as the service changes.

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Upload Images to Postman Editor for Max Impact

Whether you're documenting internal APIs, public APIs, or simply adding an Overview page to your team workspace, you can now make your descriptions more impactful by adding rich media.

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Improve Your Public Workspaces with Summary Emails

Summary emails will give you weekly and monthly updates on how your public workspaces on the Postman API Platform are performing, along with advice on how you can drive more engagement.

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Case Studies

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Anima Saves Over 100 Hours Annually with Postman

Anima Denmark can now do more for animal welfare thanks to Postman. Learn how this nonprofit is saving 100 hours every year with higher developer productivity and simplified onboarding.

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The Trevor Project Streamlines API Collaboration with Postman

The Trevor Project says “Postman is the Swiss army knife for APIs.” Explore Trevor's case study to see how this nonprofit enhanced QA testing, improved collaboration, and accelerated onboarding.

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Upcoming Events

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State of the API Discussion, September 1:

Join the Postman team for a live, online discussion about the findings in the 2022 State of the API Report at 8am PDT!

The Postman API Network

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How APIs Can Help with US Healthcare Price Transparency

The Postman Open Technologies team recently investigated the state of data around healthcare price transparency initiatives in the US. This blog post provides background information and shares our initial findings as to how APIs, technology, and best practices could support this important work.

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Launch Your Usage-Based Pricing Model with Metronome and Postman

Metronome, the usage-based billing-platform, has an API-first approach to help businesses launch, iterate, and scale their business models. Check out the Metronome OpenAPI spec, supported by rich documentation, and get your usage-based business model up and running.

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Create Live, Real-Time, and On-Demand Video with Mux API

Use Mux's Postman Collection to explore real-time, live, and on-demand video. In the end, you will be able to broadcast your own real-time video, watch it live, and play it back.

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Postman News

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Postman joins the GraphQL Foundation

Postman continues its commitment to an open philosophy by joining the GraphQL Foundation. GraphQL has become an emergent technology for developers in their systems and APIs across their companies in making data available to API producers and consumers.

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