Anima Denmark focuses resources on Animal Welfare by saving over 100 hours annually with Postman

Postmanaut working with Anima International A P I. Illustration.


A future that is free from animal suffering is at the heart of Anima International's work. This animal advocacy organization focuses on eliminating exploitation through investigations, corporate campaigns, and lobbying.

The organization was founded in Denmark in 2000 where it still operates as Anima.DK. Since then, it has merged with the Open Cages group allowing the organization to expand operations to cover nine countries across Europe.

This global nonprofit provides funding, training, and resources for campaigners. It also works with the Open Wing Alliance to end caged eggs, and chairs the Fur Free Alliance. Among its successes, Anima has achieved bans on fox and raccoon dog factory farms and corporate commitments on foie gras and broilers.

Through the Postman for Nonprofits program Anima is using the Postman API Platform to achieve its mission to protect animal welfare.


100 hours saved per year in total

Simplified onboarding

Improved developer productivity

The Challenge

In the early days, data processing involved excel sheets. It was a tedious, manual process that could take hours and hours to type data. The small developer team worked in siloes with no system for saving things in one place, making collaboration impossible. Work was spread across documents.

By using Postman, we are not only saving 100s of hours per year but it has improved the quality of our lives with its efficiency.

Joh Vinding, Campaigns Director, Anima

Donations to the site required the manual creation of payment objects or needed to be processed, and again, required typing into excel sheets.

It was clear that with limited resources, Anima needed an effective solution.

The Solution

The value of Postman had been experienced by an Anima contractor who introduced it to the organization. Initially, Postman was used primarily for documentation.

When we started using Postman, I immediately saw the value it brought to Anima. We asked all our developers to use Postman as it's invaluable.

Joh Vinding, Campaigns Director, Anima

Over time the use of Postman has evolved to help with fundraising. Using Postman, Anima has integrated a greater number of payment platforms and has automated payments. There is a Postman Collection dedicated to all the donation website payment systems.

When it came to onboarding new developers Postman has made the process easier and faster. The ease of onboarding and knowledge sharing has led to new opportunities. A prime example being an intern has been able to build new middleware for the website.

In terms of infrastructure, APIs have been used to integrate software, including Salesforce for CRM and Mautic for marketing automation. This resulted in Anima's operations working holistically.

The Outcome

Anima's use of Postman is saving at least 100 hours annually in total. The ease and efficiency of Postman has enabled Anima to spend its limited resources focusing on creating positive changes for animal welfare. Postman is considered an essential part of Anima's operations that runs in the background.

Postman is an intuitive platform that makes working with APIs easier enabling us to focus on ending animal suffering. We need to make the biggest impact with our limited resources and Postman allows us to be ultra-efficient.

Joh Vinding, Campaigns Director, Anima

Automation through APIs has been essential in everything from marketing to donations. Raising money has been made easier with hundreds of monthly recurring payments now automated.

Anima can contact the right people at the right time with timely and relevant information for fundraising, campaigns, and more.

In the future, we will share resources through an open-source model with new animal welfare organizations and we already see Postman as playing an important role in those endeavors.

Joh Vinding, Campaigns Director, Anima

APIs also enable Anima in its global effort to share resources in regions with limited access to them. There are plans to use Postman to share collections for website templates and payment automation with those regions. APIs make sharing knowledge easier, and for Anima APIs are helping to progress to a future with no animal suffering.

You can get involved in Anima's work by joining Food Fight as an activist for plant-based campaigns, applying for a job, or donating to the cause.

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