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Why get a free Postman account?

While you can easily download Postman and use the product without registering, you should also know this: You can get a lot more out of Postman by registering for a free account. A free Postman account allows you to collaborate with others and sync across devices, and it also gives you access to extended Postman features—including templates, monitors, mock servers, and more.

Collaborate with your team

Easily collaborate with your team members. Postman's collaboration features allow you and your team to share collections and feedback via team workspaces.

Sync workspaces across all devices

Never lose your workspaces or collections. When you register for a free Postman account, we automatically—and securely—sync to the cloud so your workspaces and collections are always saved and accessible.

Publish beautiful documentation

Publish and share your API documentation on either a web page or via the Run in Postman button to allow anyone to import your collection with one click.

Get access to the Postman API Network and thousands of templates

Browse a directory of public APIs curated by Postman and get started with one click. Or discover new uses for popular APIs with our templates, all created by the Postman community.

Monitor your collections on your schedule

Postman monitoring lets you run a collection periodically to check for performance and response. You can set up monitors to run throughout the day so you always know your collections are healthy.

Create mock servers to simulate your endpoints

Postman lets you create mock servers to simulate each of your endpoints and their corresponding responses in a collection, so you can view potential responses without spinning up a back end.

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