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Enterprise Essentials

How teams of all sizes discover, share, and collaborate on APIs.

Enhance developer productivity with enterprise-grade collaboration tools. Enterprise Essentials provides access to core features that help you discover APIs across your organization and deploy Postman with confidence, in line with the security and compliance standards you expect.

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Collaborate in real-time

Organize your API work and collaborate effectively across your team and organization.

With Postman workspaces, you can share your work with internal and external teams, create a single source of truth, and streamline API development.

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Develop with confidence

Keep your API elements organized for easy editing, sharing, testing, and reuse with Postman Collections.

Collections provide a way to manage, document, and test APIs throughout the development lifecycle, promoting collaboration among API producers and consumers.

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Establish seamless access and controls

Leverage the convenience and security of enterprise-platform administration controls: third-party SSO tools, SAML, SCIM, RBAC, and User Groups.

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Accelerate development with templates

Implement best practices from the start by choosing from a range of workspace and collection templates. Designed for easy customization and extension, templates can be reused and modified for your needs.

Key features


Organize your API work and collaborate with teammates across your organization on API development.


Group your APIs, specs, documentation, tests, and examples so that anyone in your organization can discover and reuse them.

User groups

Organize team members into functional groups that map to your organizational structure.


Connect your identity provider of choice for secure Postman access. Enterprise Essentials supports Okta, OneLogin, Duo, Ping Identity, AD FS, G Suite, and custom SAML.


Automate the provisioning and deprovisioning of licenses for your entire organization. Control org-wide Postman access via your identity provider.

Role-based access controls

Implement fine-grained access control for your Postman entities, and enable selective visibility and read/write permissions.

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Enterprise Essentials

Built to help Engineering Managers encourage collaboration around APIs within the guardrails of Enterprise IT.


per user/month, billed annually

What is in the solution:

  • Identity and access management, including user governance
  • Automated provisioning and deprovisioning via SCIM
  • SSO identity management & SAML
  • Super Admin role and audit logs
  • Deployment control
  • Public & private API documentation
  • Universal tagging
  • Flexible payment method: purchase and invoice via PO
  • Streamlined contracting with MSA and security review

Solution Add-ons:

  • You can add functionality for specific users on your Enterprise Essentials Plan with flexible solutions that provide collaboration, automation, and governance tools:
  • API Test Automation: a comprehensive approach for effective API testing for quality-minded teams.
  • Internal API Management: unified API management, from development to discovery and governance.

Thousands of enterprise teams use Postman to boost developer productivity and collaboration


Improving developer productivity and accelerating onboarding.


Increasing code accuracy and reliability of API calls.

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