2020 State of the API Report

2020 State Of The API Survey

Learning about APIs

We asked survey-takers where they gained most of their knowledge about APIs. Most respondents (66.8%) using APIs at their current organization learned them in their current position and/or from coworkers. Published documentation, online resources, and blogs proved a bit more useful over in-person learning like coding schools, webinars, and conferences.

API-first leaders and respondents with 6+ years of API development experience were more likely to choose the top two mentions about where they gained most of their knowledge about APIs—on the job or from colleagues, and published API documentation.

On the job or from colleagues: 66.8%
Published API documentation: 59.8%
Online resources/classes: 52%
Online communities: 40%
Blogs: 22.6%
In-person coding schools/camps: 18.3%
Webinars: 15.7%
Books on APIs: 14.3%
Conferences: 11.1%
Twitch: 1.8%

Multiple responses allowed

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