2022 State of the API Report

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Who Works with APIs

Primary job function

We asked survey-takers about their primary roles, and for a second year they revealed an almost even split: nearly half of respondents were developers (full stack, backend, or frontend), and about half held non-developer roles.

Full stack developers were the largest single group at 25% of respondents, down slightly from last year's 27%. Backend developers showed a bit stronger representation at 19%, compared with 17% in 2021.

It's not just developers who work with APIs. A diverse range of professionals weighed in for this year's survey, including CEOs, business analysts, and customer success staff, who all shared their thoughts on APIs.

Full stack developer: 25%
Backend developer: 19%
Quality engineer: 9%
Frontend developer: 5%
Director/manager: 4%
Technical/solutions architect: 4%
Integration engineer: 3%
Student/professor: 3%
DevOps engineer: 3%
Product manager: 3%
Data engineer/analyst: 3%
CTO: 2%
Mobile developer: 2%
Business Analyst: 2%
Support/customer success: 2%
CEO: 1%
Sales/solutions engineer: 1%
Security engineer: 1%
Network engineer: 1%
VP Engineering: 1%
Other: 5%

Due to rounding, percentages may not add up to 100%.


We asked about individuals' industries, and the results were clear: Technology remains the largest sector, followed by business/IT services, banking/finance/insurance, and healthcare.

Technology: 29%
Business/IT services: 28%
Banking/finance/insurance: 11%
Healthcare: 4%
Education: 4%
Retail: 4%
Gaming/entertainment/media: 3%
Advertising/marketing: 2%
Manufacturing: 2%
Automotive: 2%
Government/defense: 2%
Other: 6%

Due to rounding, percentages may not add up to 100%.

Years of experience

This year's survey recorded a surge in people working with APIs for the first time. More than one in six respondents had less than a year of API development experience, compared with just one in 25 people last year.

Less than 1 year: 17%
1-2 years: 27%
3-5 years: 32%
6-10 years: 15%
More than 10 years: 8%

Due to rounding, percentages may not add up to 100%.


The bulk of respondents again identified themselves as Millennials, followed by Gen X, Gen Z, and finally Baby Boomers.

Gen Z (Younger than 25): 16%
Millennial (25 - 39): 61%
Gen X (40 - 54): 21%
Baby Boomer (55 or older): 3%

Due to rounding, percentages may not add up to 100%.


Like much of the software sector, the world of APIs appears to skew male. Some 85% of survey-takers identified as men. Only 10% of respondents identified as women, 1% as non-binary, and 4% preferred not to answer. The disparity underscores the continued need for initiatives that support workplace diversity.

Man: 85%
Woman: 10%
Prefer not to answer: 4%
Non-binary: 1%