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Design & Mock

  • Create API specifications directly within Postman’s Collection format.

  • Support split-stack development with Postman’s mock service, enabling frontend and backend developers to work in parallel.

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  • Send requests to verify your API is ready for launch.

  • Include pre-request scripts, tests, and code snippets to make debugging more powerful.

  • Examine your API’s responses directly within Postman.

  • Use variables and environments to save & reuse values in multiple places within.

  • Save everything into a comprehensive Postman Collection.

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collection runner

Test Automation

  • Collect the tests and requests you’ve created into a single automated test sequence with the Postman Collection Runner.

  • Use Newman to integrate Postman Collections into an existing CI/CD process.

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postman documentation


  • Create detailed, web-viewable documentation for your API, set to public or private.

  • Help developers onboard to your API by downloading documentation directly into their Postman instance.

  • Enrich documentation by including tests, examples, descriptions, and code snippets, available in multiple languages.

  • Customize the experience with your own logo & colors.

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postman monitoring

API Monitoring

  • Stay in the loop with your mission-critical APIs by setting monitors to run at your preferred cadence.

  • Test for performance as well as behavior—verify that the API is both responding and working as expected.

  • Review Monitoring results within your Postman Dashboard.

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  • Onboard developers to your published API with Postman Collections and Documentation.

  • Feature a Run in Postman button on your site or GitHub repository, allowing developers to easily download your API directly into their Postman instance.

  • List your API in the Postman API Network—our actionable listing of APIs, accessible via the web as well as directly through the Postman App.

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