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Discover how Postman enables API-first development, automated testing, and developer onboarding.

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Postman supports a wide variety of use cases across the development lifecycle. Whether you're producing or consuming APIs as a developer, tester, or product manager, Postman has tools to simplify your workflow.

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Discover how Postman fits into your specific use case, whether you work in development, testing and QA, or product management.

Case Studies

Cisco DevNet Runs Interactive Developer Education on Postman

"Postman Collections give our users an easy path to gaining basic API skills or a quick on-ramp to new Cisco APIs and features."

Mandy Whaley, Senior Director of Developer Experience, Cisco DevNet

Imgur ensures consistency across teams with Postman

"Postman enables us to seamlessly publish our API documentation with the most recent updates to our collections."

Carlos Espinoza, Director of Platform Engineering, Imgur

Giant Machines uses Postman mock servers to keep development fast

"Postman’s mock servers have saved us countless developer hours. The impact on our code base is minimal as there are no mock responses in our code."

Mollie Stein, Software Engineer, Giant Machines

AMC onboards developers with Postman documentation

"Postman Pro is a great tool that enables team collaboration. The sharing capabilities help make onboarding new developers and partners a much easier process."

Ian Joyce, Director, API Platform & Ecommerce, AMC Theatres

Movember uses Postman to check API performance

"We use Postman to make sure our APIs' performance is within tolerance. It's more efficient, less expensive, and gives us confidence as we transition over to a new framework."

Marcus Nance, Delivery Lead, Movember

Shopify debugs support issues with Postman

"We use Postman as a tool for...debugging support issues, and providing our partners with a way to instantly make sample requests to the various API endpoints across our Platform."

Jordan Liddle, Developer, Shopify