Postman Webinar: “Build Better APIs with Postman API Builder”

Sankalp Agarwal


Product Manager

Arlémi Turpault


Developer Advocate

In this webinar, Postman experts Sankalp and Arlémi walk you through how you can use Postman's new API Builder to build higher-quality APIs, speed up API development, and increase API adoption. Topics include:

  • Organizing your API elements around your API schema

  • Making API elements shareable and collaborative

  • Creating, editing, and importing API schemas

  • Automatically generating and validating API elements against your API schema

  • Bi-directionally syncing your API schemas with GitHub

Aired: June 24, 2020

API Builder is included with all Postman plans. To see a full comparison of what you get with each plan, visit our Plans and Pricing page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Postman support syncing from other repositories in addition to GitHub, like GitLab and Bitbucket?

Currently, Postman only supports syncing API schemas from GitHub. We are working on integrating GitLab and Bitbucket—both public and on-premise.

Can I customize my API documentation URL?

Yes. You can use a custom domain and have the documentation published there. As an example, see how Imgur did it here:

Does Postman have capabilities to create complex tests with multiple dependent requests?

Yes. You can utilize pre-request scripts and setNextRequest method to build complex test flows. Learn more about using setNextRequest here:

How do I manage OAuth 2.0 authentication with Postman?

In the Postman app, click on the Authorization tab, then select OAuth 2.0 from the Type dropdown list. Read more here:

Can I share my docs with people outside of my team?

Yes. You can publish your API documentation to make it available for public viewing by anyone who has the link. You can also publish your docs to a public or private API network to make them more discoverable.