Postman Webinar: “How to Transform into an API-First Business”

Abhinav Asthana



Nick Tran


VP, Marketing

Joyce Lin


Head of Developer Relations

In this webinar, Abhinav, Nick, and Joyce Lin walk you through how you can embrace API-first software development and transform into an API-first business with the help of the Postman API Platform.

You'll get an exclusive overview of the accelerating global shift toward API-first development, the three main drivers behind the shift, and a demo of the Postman API Platform so you can see API-first development in action.

Aired: May 14, 2020

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an API producer and consumer?

The API producer exposes software functionality to a partner or customer who consumes/integrates with the API. For Example Twilio(API Producer) exposes its SMS API to the API consumer who integrates/consumes the API.

How can Postman help us to bridge the gap between producers and consumers?

Postman helps in a few ways! Postman Documentation helps make your APIs consumable and Postman API Network helps make APIs discoverable for example.

Are businesses willing to spend time and resources on the API-first approach?

Yes, because most business logic/features today are involving APIs. Harder to find those that cannot be done via API.

How can you manage the standardization of documentation and API structure across teams?

Simple answer - With Postman! Kin Lane, Developer Evangelist at Postman created a collection to help explain this more -

Does Postman integrate well with API documentation tools like Swagger?

You have options to import Swagger/OpenAPI files or directly create schemas within the API builder itself -

What's the best strategy to secure an API request/response?

Always begin with SSL for ALL APIs. Then put an API management layer in place that will require users to sign up and pass in a key. Then visit OWASP for best practices in scanning and securing.

Is it possible to use Postman to design APIs from scratch?

You can design and develop APIs within Postman.

Do you have any plans to add new code generators?

The code generation libraries are open source - and are regularly working with the community to help expand.

Does Newman work well with Jenkins?

Can we include the API tests in DevOps CI/CD pipeline?

You can do so using Newman and integrate your test cases w/ CI/CD pipelines. Check this out -

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