Postman Webinar: “Continuous Testing in Postman”

Joyce Lin


Head of Developer Relations

Trent McCann


Engineering Manager, Quality

In this webinar, Postman experts Joyce and Trent walk you through advanced testing workflows and recommended practices for continuous testing in Postman.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Run tests locally using Postman's Collection Runner

  • Automate testing as part of your continuous integration (CI) pipeline using Postman's Newman (a command-line collection runner for Postman)

  • Run health and security checks using Postman monitors

Aired: July 15, 2020

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Postman's tech stack?

Postman is built mostly on Electron and React. You can browse all of our GitHub repositories here.

Where can I find Postman's open positions?

You'll find lots of information about working at Postman, including all of our open positions, on our careers page.

Where can I find Postman's webinars?

We keep an updated list of current and past Postman webinars on our webinars page.

Where can I learn more about how to use Postman?

The best place to start is the Postman Learning Center. You can also check out Postman webinars on various topics on our webinars page.

Can I integrate Postman with GitLab CI?

Yes. You can learn all about it on our GitLab integration page.

Is there an integration with GitHub to store your test suites in version control?

Yes. Certain Postman plans allow you to use the GitHub integration to back up your collections on GitHub (your collection export includes the test suites).

What's the difference between Pre-Test Scripts and Test?

Pre-Test Scripts get executed before the Request, while the Tests get executed after you receive a response for the given request.

What languages are supported in the Pre-Test Scripts and Tests tab?

At this time, JavaScript is the only supported language. If you'd like an additional language, new feature requests can be added as a GitHub issue.

What's the best way to import libraries or write JavaScript functions for reuse across collections?

Currently, you need to write scripts for the main collection, but we do have a feature requests on similar lines in GitHub for this:

What is the best practice regarding creating a test case on each request?

You can add any number of tests, and it depends on the relation of the tests to the request. Learn more about scripting in Postman.

Are the tests limited to built-in snippets?

No. You can write your own tests. The test script example snippets are just samples of commonly used tests.

How can I use {{$guid}} in request test code?

You can use the following snippet: pm.variables.replaceIn('{{$guid}}')

Is there a simple way to output used variables per test iteration in the test results?

Yes. There are several ways to do this:

  • If you're using Collection Runner, there's a box to check to save responses

  • You can also hover over the variables in the application to show

  • You can use the Postman Console

Is there an easy way to manage authentication for requests?

Yes. We have an Authorization tab that helps you easily manage different types of authentications.

Can I run requests in parallel?

Yes. You can execute parallel tests using Newman as a library. Check out this example on GitHub.

Can Postman generate results in a document format (such as Excel)?

Yes. You can use Newman(Postman's CLI tool) to export results in different formats.

Is it possible to run tests from the Postman Console?

Yes. You can use Newman(Postman's CLI tool) for this.

Is there some documentation on using mock servers?

Yes. You can learn how mock servers and examples work together, and how you can integrate them into your workflow, here.

Is load or performance testing possible with Postman?

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