The Postman Enterprise Webinar

Kin Lane


Chief Evangelist

Postman is much more than the HTTP client your developers depend on. Postman today is a comprehensive platform that allows developers and non-developers to define, call, test, and debug APIs, while also enabling teams of any size to share, communicate, collaborate, and work together in concert across large organizations. In short, Postman is a complete, enterprise-grade API platform.

In this webinar, led by Postman Chief Evangelist Kin Lane, we'll walk you through Postman's top features and capabilities that are helping organizations deliver better APIs more consistently at scale across the enterprise.

Aired: February 25, 2020

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about Postman Enterprise?

You can learn more about our Enterprise plan on our pricing page.

I'm not sure what Postman plan is best for my team—can you help?

Of course! Tell us about your organization here and we'll get back to you shortly.

Does Postman support offline/on-premises collaboration?

Currently, we do not offer an on-premises version of Postman. In order to persist your Postman data, you'll need to log in to your Postman account and utilize our cloud.

Does Postman integrate with Active Directory?

Postman has a Microsoft AD FS integration that covers license provisioning and access, however it does not currently extend to role-based access control.

I'm new to Postman, is there training available to learn how to navigate and use the platform?

Yes! Postman Bootcamp provides an in-app guided learning experience for beginners.

Where can I learn more about the GitHub integration?

Where can I learn more about version control in Postman?

How can I automate testing in Postman?

You can learn more about automating your API tests with Postman here.

Can I monitor APIs that are behind a firewall?

Yes, Postman Enterprise and Postman Professional allow you to utilize static IPs for monitoring.

Where can I learn more about Newman?

Check out our Newman docs.