"From APIs to Serverless Cloud Applications in Minutes"

Nimbella is a leading serverless cloud computing platform for developers. In this webinar, Postman's Kin Lane and Nimbella's Rodric Rabbah will discuss Nimbella’s integration for Postman and demonstrate the full developer experience, including how you can go from API to fully operational cloud application in minutes.

The webinar agenda includes:

  • Serverless computing and the future of the cloud
  • Postman and the power of APIs
  • How to get from Postman to the cloud with Nimbella
  • Step-by-step demonstrations
    • Postman Collection
    • Nimbella project generation
    • Postman Collection
    • Cloud deployment
    • Testing, monitoring, and logging
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Aired: Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Kin Lane. Chief Evangelist at Postman.

Kin Lane

Chief Evangelist

Rodric Rabbah, Co-founder at Nimbella

Rodric Rabbah