Postman Webinar: “Working with the Twitter API Using Postman”

Kin Lane


Chief Evangelist

Daniele Bernardi


Senior Partner Engineer

Suhem Parack


Senior Developer Advocate

In this webinar, the Postman-and-Twitter dream team of Kin, Daniele, and Suhem walk you through different versions of the Twitter API and explore what's possible when you combine the capabilities of Postman and Twitter. We cover the following topics in this webinar:

  • Using the Twitter API v1.1 in Postman

  • Using the Twitter API v2 in Postman

  • What's new in the latest Twitter API

  • How Twitter uses first-party natural language processing (NLP): context and annotations

Aired: June 17, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the link for the twitter developer labs?

Where can I find these Postman requests collection to import to mine and use Twitter API?

Here is a link to the collections -

What is the best way to learn API using Postman?

If you're completely new to APIs this template might help -

Is there any way by which we can invoke a UI page with Postman?

You can preview HTML responses or build visualizers in your request scripts.

How can you run mocha or jasmine tests in postman?

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