Introducing Postman Visualizer [webinar]

Kaustav Das Modak


Developer Advocate

If you work with APIs regularly, have you ever wished your request responses were more human-readable? Have you ever had to scroll through dozens of lines of JSON or XML to find the data you needed? Watch this video to learn about Postman Visualizer, a new and easy way to work with API data.

Aired: November 22, 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which version of the app do you need for Postman Visualizer?

To take full advantage of this feature, update to version 7.11.0 or later.

Is Visualizer free?

Yes, it's available to all users and all plan types.

Where can I find step-by-step instructions for Visualizer?

Check out our docs—templates can be found under 'Additional Resources.

How can I share visualizations with my team?

You can share visualizations with teammates by sharing the collection.

Does Visualizer inspect the returned data to determine the type of visualization or chart automatically or is it completely scripted?

Visualizations are scripted.

Where can I go if I need help with my Visualizer project?

Reach out to the Postman Community!

Can visualizations be pushed to external web apps?

No, Visualizer is currently only available in the Postman Sandbox.

Where can I submit a feature request for Postman Visualizer?

You can submit feature requests and bug reports to our GitHub.

Is it possible to combine multiple APIs into one visualization?

Yes, you can save responses from previous requests into variables and access them programmatically when creating your visualization.

Will Postman add code snippets to help users more easily utilize Postman Visualizer?

Right now we offer visualization scripts to try out in the form of templates, however we're working to provide easier access to sample code in future.

Can we export visualizations as an image or PDF file?

No, however you can screenshot them for that purpose.

Does Visualizer work in Newman?

No, Visualizer is currently only available in the Postman Sandbox.

What libraries are supported by Visualizer?

You can use any visualization library you'd like as long as you can pull it in via HTML (e.g. a <script> tag).

How do I change the type of chart?

This depends on the visualization library you're using, but you can check out various examples in our Visualizer templates.

Where can I find the templates and other resources included in this webinar?

Our slide deck is available here, templates can be found here, and our documentation is here.

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Visualizer Subway Map

Visualizer Subway Map

This is a collection by Kin Lane generates a subway map using Postman Visualizer. It is not connected directly to any API, but it can be rewritten to generate HTML nodes from any JSON response with some work.

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