The Postman API Platform

Postman is a collaboration platform for API development. Postman's features simplify each step of building an API and streamline collaboration so you can create better APIs—faster.
Postman API Platform Diagram. Illustration.

Client interfaces

Manage your API data via Postman's desktop, web, CLI, and/or API interfaces


A range of partner integrations and public APIs in the Postman API Network


Security and governance services designed for enterprise deployments


A range of tools that enable teams to share and collaborate on APIs

Lifecycle management

A comprehensive suite of services for managing the entire API lifecycle


Core services for managing API requests, collections, and authorization

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Plans & Pricing


Faster API Development


Faster Bug Fixes


More Effective API Collaboration

Source: Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Report, “The Economic Benefits of the Postman Collaboration Platform for API Development”

Postman API Platform Example

Client interfaces

Explore and test your APIs using Postman's web and desktop client, and use Postman's CLI to execute collections directly from the command-line.

  • Desktop client

    Organize your workflow around your API with Postman's new API features.

  • CLI (Newman)

    Interact with Postman through Newman, our powerful command-line collection runner

  • Postman API

    Access your Postman data through the Postman API

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Postman API Network and partnered company logos. Illustration.


Search and discover new APIs and integrations in Postman's extensive API directory and pre-built connectors.

  • API Network

    Discover and get started with new APIs quickly

  • Integrations

    Set up pre-built integrations between Postman and other systems

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A lock in space representing Postman enterprise services. Illustration.


Create a secure and governed API testing and deployment environment with SSO, user-based access controls, dedicated IP Addresses, and audit logs.

  • SSO

    Configure single sign-on (SSO) to simplify user authentication

  • Roles & permissions

    Define roles and permissions to control user access

  • Dedicated IP addresses

    Run Postman Monitors against private APIs securely

  • Audit logs

    Automatically track and review user activities

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Postman in space connecting a box together representing collaboration. Illustration.


Share collections among your team and partners, and collaborate on APIs by setting up user permissions, teams and workspaces

  • Users

    Manage user access and permissions

  • Teams

    Setup teams to share and collaborate on APIs

  • Workspaces

    Collaborate on APIs in a dedicated workspace

  • Comments

    Post and share comments on collections and requests

  • Version control

    Manage and track multiple versions of APIs

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Postman API Lifecycle. Illustration.

Lifecycle management

Use Postman to manage your end-to-end API lifecycle, from design, mocking, testing, and deploying, all the way to maintenance and deprecation.

  • Mocks

    Setup mock servers to simulate APIs

  • Docs

    Generate and share documentation for your API

  • Test

    Write test scripts to ensure API is working as expected

  • History

    Automatically store historical API requests

  • Monitor

    Stay up to date on the health and performance of APIs

Postman API-5000 in space with rockets. Illustration.


Use Postman's Platform Runtime Services to manage your API collections, workspaces, examples and environments.

  • Authorization

    Ensure that client requests access data securely

  • Requests

    Make API requests and visualize responses in the Postman client

  • Collections

    Organize your API requests into folders and groupings

  • Examples

    Tightly couple mock requests and responses

  • Environments

    Run requests and collections against different data sets

500,000 companies use Postman

Many of the world's top organizations, including 98% of the Fortune 500, are using the Postman API Platform today.