API testing with Postman

Easily stay up to date on the performance and health of your APIs and services with Postman API monitors.

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Comprehensive API testing

Whether you're a backend developer trying to debug an API, a frontend developer doing exploratory testing, a full-stack developer who needs to work in parallel with other teams to accelerate application development, or a quality engineer who needs to perform automated testing, Postman's comprehensive API testing tools are ready for you.

Maximum flexibility

To give you maximum flexibility in your testing, Postman supports a wide range of API standards, specs, and formats, including REST, SOAP, GraphQL, OpenAPI, RAML, Swagger, JSON, cURL, WADL, and more.

Cross-team collaboration

Because Postman is so easy to use, your entire team can collaborate on testing—including your non-technical project managers, business analysts, and others—to make sure everything works just the way it's supposed to.

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Run thorough, end-to-end API tests

Test functionality

Make sure your API does exactly what it's supposed to do.

Test performance

Make sure your API can handle stress and perform at expected levels.

Test exceptions

Make sure your API handles unexpected input and behavior.

Test reliability

Make sure your API delivers reliable responses across geographic regions.

Test changes

Make sure your API continues to perform after code changes with regression testing.

Troubleshoot, debug and fix your API

Troubleshoot, debug, and fix

Send requests and examine responses

Send requests and examine API responses directly within Postman to find fixes quickly.

Understand exactly what's happening

Use the Postman Console to dig deep and inspect every network call, including headers, certificates, requests, and responses. You can even use the console to log messages.

Collaborate with your team

Easily share API requests, and collections of requests, with your team via a link or a workspace. Collaborate with your entire team—even leave comments—to manage API testing.

Run comprehensive test suites

Create test suites that can run again and again—from simpler functional tests to comprehensive, end-to-end tests and full regression testing.

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Accelerate testing

Import schemas

Import many different schema formats including cURL, RAML, Swagger, WADL, JSON, OpenAPI, and GraphQL.

Use code snippets

Use Postman code snippets to run tests against APIs without writing code.

Write tests faster

As you type Postman will prompt you with suggestions—simply select a suggestion to autocomplete your code.

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Get organized

Organize elements

Organize multiple elements like tests, monitors, and mocks around your APIs, or use Postman Collections, workspaces, and folders.

Send individual requests—or all the requests

Send individual requests or run every request in a collection using the Postman Collection Runner.

Collaborate and share

Collaborate and share APIs and collections with team members using Postman workspaces.

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Streamline development

Run collections of requests

Use Postman's Collection Runner to run collections of requests in specific sequences, log test results, and pass data between requests—or even pass data files into a run. Collection runs allow you to automate your API testing, and you can schedule runs using monitors.

Automate testing and more with Newman

Use Newman, the command-line Collection Runner for Postman, to run and test Postman Collections directly from the command line. It's built with extensibility in mind so that you can easily integrate it with continuous integration servers and build systems.

Monitor API responses

API monitoring allows you to schedule and automate monitors across regions in the cloud or in your pipeline. You can review your API responses, availability, and performance with each run to ensure that your API is always healthy.

Streamline your pipeline

Integrate Postman Collection runs into your existing CI/CD pipeline. Postman offers a range of integrations with tools like Jenkins and Travis CI so you can automate your API tests.

Get started with Postman API testing

Send API requests

Just getting started? Learn the basics of how to build and send requests in Postman to connect to APIs and inspect responses.

Automate API testing

If you already know the basics of API testing, then you're ready for the next level: test automation (a.k.a. "continuous testing").

Write your own

We've created a collection for you that contains quick tips for writing tests that you can use to automate your testing process.