Senior Engineer (Backend), Identity & Access Management - Bangalore

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Postman is the world’s leading collaboration platform for API development. Postman's features simplify each step of building an API and streamline collaboration to help create better APIs—faster. More than 30 million developers and 500,000 organizations worldwide use Postman today.

Our customers are doing more and more astounding things with the Postman product every day, and as a result, we are growing rapidly.

About the Team

Identity and Access Management team is responsible for creating a secure, reliable and seamless Identity Management Platform for all the Postman users. This is the team behind authenticating and authorizing every request that reaches Postman space.

Postman's Identity Interface is the gateway to access a plethora of Postman's services while enabling users to connect with peers to perform work collaboratively. A team of passionate engineers where each day brings new learning.

What you'll be doing:

As the Senior Engineer-I for the IAM Squad, you will:

  • Build and optimize the auth standards and protocols such as OAuth2.0, OIDC, SCIM, SAML and so on.

  • Contribute to the development of secure, reliable and scalable IAM platform components.

  • Involve in the research areas such as role engineering, session management and implement the standardized formats meeting cross-functional AuthN and AuthZ needs for the platform.

  • Empower the product with seamless, secure and reliable methods of enterprise onboarding by enabling broader integration areas of user and team management.

  • Contribute to developing APIs and products while working with a cross-functional team of Product Managers, Designers, Support and Product, Quality, Security and Platform Engineers.

  • Perform code reviews and advocate better practices for software engineering by mentoring and encouraging others around you to build a quality product.

  • Utilize your technical and domain expertise to help architect the solution and also help in cross-squad knowledge sharing on best practices.

  • Design & build any additional internal tooling required to ease the development & maintenance of the product.

About You:

  • 6+ years of experience developing complex, distributed software applications at Postman’s scale

  • Proficient with Javascript, node.js, React.Js, and a strong understanding of web fundamentals.

  • Strong knowledge of Database fundamentals, especially on the performance aspects such as optimizing queries, schema design, indexing, and caching.

  • Proven record of building & products from scratch.

  • Has a point of view and prior experience collaborating and respectfully challenging other stakeholders, such as PM, EM etc.

  • (Bonus) Good understanding of auth products, protocols, and methods ( OAuth, SAML, OIDC etc.)

  • (Bonus) Previous experience with User/Team management, role engineering, and access control.

  • You enjoy learning and sharing knowledge within and across teams.

  • You have a product-oriented mindset and empathy for the users. 

What Else? 

We offer competitive salaries, benefits and a flexible schedule working with a fun, collaborative team. Enjoy full medical coverage, unlimited PTO, and a monthly lunch stipend. Along with that, our wellness programs will help you stay in the best of your physical and mental health. If you have little ones in your family, the creche allowance can help in supporting your work-life balance. Our frequent and fascinating team-building events will keep you connected, while our donation-matching program can support the causes you care about. We’re building a long-term company with an inclusive culture where everyone can be the best version of themselves. Why don’t you get along with us on the voyage of learning adventures?

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