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With Postman v10, we've advanced the world's leading API platform with game-changing features. We continue to expand the Postman API Platform's capabilities with Partner Workspaces that enable developers at partner organizations to work securely with Postman customers on APIs. Learn more about our new API Governance and API Security features. As teams using Postman become larger, updates to the Private API Network make it even easier for developers to discover APIs within their organization. Lastly, we have a new Postman CLI and now provide native support for gRPC.

Partner Workspaces

Postman's Partner Workspaces let organizations invite partners to work on building products and services with their APIs. They provide a space that is shared, secure, and controlled. Workspaces update in real time and notify partners about changes to your APIs.

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Faster time to value for partners

Partner Workspaces enable partners to discover, evaluate, and integrate your APIs faster on a toolchain that 30 million developers use.

Grow your API ecosystem

Quickly onboard and provide continuous support to your partners for them to succeed with your APIs by easily collaborating within workspaces.

Access control of your workspaces

Define and manage your partners with enterprise-grade security features and compliance standards.

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API Governance

Postman's API Governance feature educates developer teams and communicates API design rules within tools where developers live. API design teams can combine both industry best practices with organizational-specific linting rules, all accessible to developers. These linting rules are validated automatically within the Postman platform across the API lifecycle. This full-lifecycle approach to governance lets adopters shift left their development practices, resulting in better-quality APIs, and fostering collaboration between developer teams and API design teams.

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Full-lifecycle validation

Ensure design teams know governance guidelines before they start. This will make sure APIs are high quality, consistent, and integrate well into the API landscape.

Easily surface and rapidly integrate

Teams can identify reusable components faster with consistent code, documentation, and test artifacts providing faster development times for new products and services.

Visibility into API landscape

Governance reporting and dashboards help development teams and engineering leadership understand governance compliance; find gaps in guidelines and get insights into new development opportunities.

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API Security

New security features make it easy for developers to discover organizational policies and incorporate them into API development. Product managers and developers see security contracts on the same platform where they are designing, building, and deploying APIs. By shifting left, organizations can invest in security earlier on in the lifecycle, while equipping API teams with guidelines and policies to deliver more secure APIs.

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Design-time security

Developers can adopt a shift-left mindset as they understand and follow security principles from the beginning (at design time).

Confidence at build

The API goes through rigorous checks and reviews during earlier lifecycle stages, ensuring confidence before deployment.

Visibility into security posture

All stakeholders (from developers to leadership) can access dashboards and reporting for visibility into conformance, security posture, and more.

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Native Git Support

Postman's API Builder helps manage your API from design to deployment, and it works with CI/CD, gateways and APM solutions. With v10, we announce native Git support. The API Builder connects to the source code repository to automatically maintain API documentation, tests, and specifications alongside code.

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A single source of truth for APIs

Keep everything related to APIs, source code, definition files, tests, performance measurements, documentation, security audits—and everything in between—in a single location managed with granular security controls for internal teams, partners, and the public.

Improved collaboration

Use Git's branch-based workflows to commit and push changes without affecting your team or consumers until you're ready to deploy.

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Integrated test automation

Postman lets you quickly test APIs and automate it across your DevOps lifecycle. With v10, the new Postman CLI makes it even easier to automate the testing of your APIs. With Native Git Integration, you can store your tests with your codebase easily and run them through your CI/CD pipeline in a seamless workflow.

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Postman App

Postman's Collection Runner can be used to write functional tests, integration tests, regression tests, and more.

Postman CLI

Automate tests directly in the command line with the new Postman CLI and push the results back to Postman to debug and prepare reports.

Integrate with leading CI/CD systems

With the API Builder, now with native Git support, easily automate tests within your CI/CD pipeline, and catch issues much earlier in the development lifecycle.

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Support for gRPC alongside other API technologies

Continuing to support the latest and most popular API technologies, Postman rolls out new tools to support gRPC alongside REST, SOAP, WebSockets, and GraphQL. The Postman API Platform makes it easy for developers to work with any API technology, allowing for a single platform for development teams to build their next-generation products and services.

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gRPC native to Postman API Platform

Supports protocol buffer (Protobuf) definitions, autocomplete hints, and tools for documentation, scripting, testing, and mocking. Loading an API's Protobuf will automatically gain an understanding of all services and methods available and generate example payloads for each method, which means you can get testing as quickly as possible.

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