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April 2022 Newsletter

Becoming API-first doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen faster when you're on the right API platform. This month, we released updates that make the API-first journey quicker, whether you're an enterprise or a small business. They include automatic doc generation from OpenAPI 3.0 definitions, environment forking and pull requests, an integration with New Relic, and more.

And before we forget, we'd like to thank you for helping us reach the milestone of 20 million Postman users. We're grateful you've chosen us.

Platform Updates

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Fork Environments and Make Pull Requests

You can now simply fork an environment, add a descriptive label of its use, and use it to send requests. If the original environment changes, you can pull new changes right from the environment tab.

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Generate Docs Automatically from OpenAPI 3.0 Definitions

Postman now automatically generates reference documentation along with the OpenAPI 3.0 definitions. This allows for quick feedback during design, lets consumers get started during development and testing, and enables sharing of the docs in workspaces and the API network after deployment.

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Integrate API Monitoring with New Relic and Postman

Postman and New Relic have built an end-to-end integration so you can monitor the functionality and performance of your APIs while Postman monitors the rest of your observability data.

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Manage Users in Postman via Azure AD SCIM

We've expanded our SCIM standard for user provisioning to include support for customers using Azure AD or OneLogin as their identity provider. It's a great way to enhance security, fully automate your user management, and reduce licensing costs.

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Upcoming Events

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Are you an intermediate API developer or producer looking to improve? If so, join us at Postman Intergalactic on May 11. We'll walk through the API lifecycle, including designing, defining, documenting, and testing an API.

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The Postman API Network

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Nine APIs to Improve Your Decision-Making and Communication

From the Public API Network, we've selected five data analytics tools that offer insights and support data-driven decisions, including public workspaces from Oracle, Cisco DevNet, and others. For developers focused on SMS, push alerts, or survey forms, we've picked out four ready-to-use APIs that will save you time including public workspaces from Twilio, SurveyMonkey, and more.

Expanding the API Network, from Mumbai to Berlin

India's third-largest private-sector bank, Axis Bank, has launched a public workspace to help developers experience its APIs. On the other side of the globe, Germany's API offers a straightforward introduction to algorithmic trading.

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Postman Resources

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