December 2022 Newsletter

As we close out 2022 and prepare to ring in 2023, we'd like to take a moment to review some of the highlights over the past year, for both Postman and the API community. Together, we accomplished so much: we released the best version of Postman ever in v10, produced industry-leading research, conducted insightful API workshops, built awesome integrations, and published a book on API-first. And we couldn't have done it without your input.

These achievements were driven by our desire to better serve Postman's more than 20 million users. We're grateful for your support. With that, let's get started with a review of 2022!

Platform updates

Postman 2022. Illustration.

Postman launches v10

We released v10 in September, our biggest and best version of Postman ever. It offers Partner Workspaces to collaborate with outside partners in a shared, secure, and controlled environment. Postman v10 also brings the ability to create security guidelines for developers on the same platform where they design, build, test, and deploy their APIs. And improved governance functions detect and address software defects early rather than waiting until they emerge in production.

Improvements for Postman variables

We offered two updates that enhanced users' experiences with variables in 2022. The first improvement indicates variable types in environments and globals as either “default” or “secret.” We also created the ability to identify unresolved variables that aren't defined before sending your requests. Now you can see and assign variables directly from a pop-up menu in the request builder.

And there's more

Rounding out platform updates were the introduction of 2FA for all users; image uploading and in-place resizing and captioning support in Postman editor; automated changelogs for collections; and early access to Postman Flows. For the complete list, visit our Product Updates page.


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By popular demand: gRPC

What was the most read Postman blog post of 2022? It was the news that gRPC support was in open beta. Today, we have first-class support for gRPC APIs. And if you're wondering how to choose between HTTPS or gRPC for your next API, we've got advice!

Automatic schema imports for GraphQL

For requests with GraphQL body type, Postman now automatically imports any available GraphQL schema. Once the schema is imported, the GraphQL query editor will automatically leverage this schema to provide features such as an autocomplete function. Very handy.

Introducing Automatic Schema Imports for GraphQL Requests →


Postman working with Microsoft Azure. Illustration.

Postman + Microsoft Azure = awesome

We were proud to welcome Microsoft Azure to our new Ecosystem Partner Program in August. With this new integration, Postman and Azure API Management users can create and test their APIs in Postman, deploy them to Azure, and simplify the consumers' API onboarding experience.

Support for GitLab and Open API 3.1

This year, we added support for GitLab, allowing your API definition and multiple collections (which are linked to your API) to be synced from and pushed to a backing repository. We also began supporting OpenAPI 3.1. This gives users more choices among other Postman-supported API specification formats, such as WSDL, RAML, GraphQL, and HAR files.

Integrating New Relic and Jenkins with Postman

With the Postman-New Relic integration, you can send Postman API and infrastructure metrics to New Relic for instant observability into latency and request counts. On the Postman end, developers can receive NewRelic data on API health and app telemetry. Separately, our Jenkins integration brings the API build even closer to you, with Jenkins's open-source automation server providing hundreds of plugins to support building, deploying, and automating.

Greatest hits

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Book cover. Illustration.

"The API-First Transformation" book

Postman Chief Evangelist Kin Lane published The API-First Transformation, a 260-page deep dive that shows business leaders how to create an API-first strategy, assemble the right technology, and put solutions to work.

Get your copy today! →

State of the API Report and Guide to API-First

Postman's State of the API, the world's largest and most comprehensive report on APIs, revealed how more than 37,000 developers and industry professionals were working with APIs in 2022, including API-first leaders. Plus, we created two deep dives on the retail and financial services sectors! Our Guide to API-First explained how the most far-sighted companies approach software development.

Stripe tutorial

Stripe's CJ Avilla dropped into a Postman workshop to show us how the payments giant builds APIs during API-first design and development training; see a recap of that Stripe talk here.

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The 2022 API Platform Landscape: trends and challenges

Postman founder and CEO Abhinav Asthana identified important new industry players as well as six API trends and challenges that every company should know about, including the rise of multi-cloud architecture, a shortage of API design skills, and an overproliferation of microservices.

Gartner, G2, and Forbes recognize Postman

Sometimes it's nice to be noticed. We were honored that Gartner recognized Postman as a Visionary for a second year in the Magic Quadrant for Full Lifecycle API Management. Earlier in the year, G2 awarded Postman the number one spot for both Best API Management and Best API Design tools. And we shot up the rankings in Forbes's Cloud 100 list of the best, brightest, and most valuable private companies in the cloud.

And a nod to 2023...

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20 million and counting

The Postman API Platform surpassed 20 million users in April, and the growth continues. Where will it be this time next year? We can't wait to see! Users are arriving from all walks of life—from enterprises with thousands of developers to startups with just a handful. And of course, we continue to nurture the next generation of talent through our Postman Student Programs. We're excited about the road ahead, and we thank you for joining us on the journey. Onward and upward!

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