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November 2022 Newsletter

This month, Postman's developer experience guru Joyce Lin offers tips for seamless public API onboarding, with real-world examples from Mercedes-Benz, Snowflake, and more.

On the Breaking Changes podcast, Postman Chief Evangelist Kin Lane sits down with Amadeus Labs to discuss lessons learned on enterprise hiring, managing teams in the cloud, and the benefits and risks of being cloud-native and multi-cloud.

And we'd like to share a bit of news that has the Postman team feeling proud. For the second year in a row, Postman has been named a Visionary in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management. We're honored to be recognized.

Product Updates

Postman working on security. Illustration

We've Got Your Back with API Security

APIs are emerging as a popular surface area for attacks, making security more important than ever. Postman v10 has new features that let organizations provide clear security guidelines to developers on the same platform where they design, build, test, and deploy their APIs.

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Automated Testing Just Got Simpler with Postman CLI

We've augmented Postman's automated testing toolset in v10 with the new CLI. Use it to log in and out of your Postman account, run collections with simple commands, and run governance and security rule validations for API schemas. Plus, you can execute your commands in your CI/CD pipeline!

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Postman Resources

Postmanaut look over governance. Illustration.

Apply Airtight Governance Across the API Lifecycle

Learn how regular iteration and feedback can inform the next step in your API governance journey and, when done right, make the process look more like API enablement than governance.

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Breaking Changes with Amadeus: APIs and the Cloud

Amadeus Labs engineering director Arun Narayanaswamy has experienced some serious shifts in the enterprise landscape. He shares valuable tips on hiring, managing teams in the cloud, and the benefits and risks of being cloud-native and multi-cloud.

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Case Studies

Postman working with OVO. Illustration.

Western Governors University Realizes Dramatic Time Savings with Postman

Learn how sprint-cycle testing time was reduced from 96 hours to just 6 at WGU while multi-team testing became 75% faster, and development time was reduced from as much as 9 weeks to little as 2.

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The Postman API Network

Postman hoverboarding through onboarding. Illustration.

Postman Surveys 25 Top API Onboarding Experiences

Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this one! Postman's Joyce Lin has documented 25 best practices for seamlessly onboarding users of your public API. She includes real-world examples from Mercedes-Benz, Twitter, Snowflake and more. You won't find a more comprehensive list anywhere.

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Exploring Public APIs and the Public API Network

We've collected the highlights of a recent Postman livestream covering the what, why, and how of all things public APIs—and the power of the Public API Network.

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Upcoming Events

Creating a calendar for Postman events. Illustration.

Postman Intergalactic Session: Observability for APIs, December 7

Gain insights into the root cause of observability issues in this introductory Postman learning session geared specifically for API testers and DevOps engineers. We discuss how to use built-in integrations for monitoring and application performance metrics (APM) to better understand your APIs.

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In Case You Missed It

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Forbes: 8 Digital and API Buzzwords You Should Care About and Why

We talk a lot about the benefits of API-first at Postman, but it's not just us. Forbes puts “API-first” at the top of a list of 8 tech terms you need to know. As this Forbes contributor notes, the 10 biggest API-first companies and products have a combined value of over $1.56 trillion.

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Postman's Guide to API-First

The most farsighted companies take an API-first approach to their software development. Before writing a single line of code, developers, in partnership with the business, first design or build the API. Understand the benefits of an API-first approach and how to get started with our comprehensive guide.

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