January 2023 Newsletter

We kick off the new year with valuable tips on leveraging five of the most popular public APIs, monitoring your Azure Pipelines, and understanding test results on the Postman API Platform. Postman Chief Evangelist Kin Lane discusses the genesis of his book The API-First Transformation. Plus, we're offering online tutorials on collaborative API tools and API design. Check them out!

Product Updates

Monitor connected to Azure Pipelines with Postman. illustration.

Monitor your Azure Pipelines in Postman

We've just added a new integration with Azure Pipelines that lets you monitor your pipeline runs—and run Postman test collections within your pipeline—with minimal setup.

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Postman mock servers now support templating

We're always looking to deliver tools and solutions that help you build APIs efficiently. That's why we've added support for templating in mock servers, letting you quickly produce contextual responses to mock requests.

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Postman Resources

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Discover the top APIs in the Public API Network

We've compiled a list of the 25 most popular APIs over the past year from Postman's Public API Network, the world's largest public API hub. It includes APIs from Stripe, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more. These are excellent starting points for any developer looking to add functionality to their app.

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How to review Postman test results

Postman's senior director of developer relations, Joyce Lin, gives the lowdown on reviewing test results. She explains how to see what's being tested; understand why a test is failing; debug and troubleshoot unexpected behavior; and write more readable tests.

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Case Studies

Postmanaut working with Visma A P I. Illustration.

Visma, Postman cut debugging time to under 10 minutes

SaaS provider Visma explains how Postman saves time in debugging APIs. Check out the video and written story to learn how better quality code and enhanced collaboration have improved developer productivity.

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The Postman API Network

Postmanaut riding upwards arrow with Salesforce. Illustration.

How Salesforce uses Postman to improve developer experience

In the same way that Salesforce helps a business's teams work together, Postman helps Salesforce developers collaborate. Learn how Postman helps Salesforce manage a massive number of APIs, multiple versions in support at the same time, and API signatures that are unique to each customer.

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Testing bank payments with the GoCardless collection

GoCardless has designed its Postman Collection to help both technical and non-technical stakeholders test its API, starting with billing-request endpoints for bank payments.

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Upcoming Events

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Postman Intergalactic: Collaboration and governance for API teams, Jan. 25

This intermediate-level online learning session covers Postman features that enable team collaboration, such as the Private API Network, Git integrations, SSO, RBAC, and audit logging.

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Postman Intergalactic: Designing good API experiences, Feb. 22

Join us for an hour of introductory-level API design basics, including industry best practices and standards using GraphQL and OpenAPI, how you design those in Postman, and how you prepare your workspace for the Postman Public API Network.

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In Case You Missed It

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Don't panic: a developer's guide to building secure GraphQL APIs

GraphQL is more than an API; it's also a query language. This can give attackers a broader surface to seek out vulnerabilities. We share the dos and don'ts of designing secure GraphQL APIs.

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How to make your APIs available to more consumers

Looking to boost adoption of your APIs? We've got three helpful techniques, whether you're sharing APIs on your private network or with the whole world.

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