September 2022 Newsletter

We've just released the biggest and best version of Postman ever, and we're rolling it out to users on the early access waitlist. Want access too? Sign up today! In the meantime, read on for a glimpse of what's new, including native Git support, Partner Workspaces, and our API Governance and Security features. And be sure to join us online September 28 for a live unboxing of v10's most exciting features.

Platform Updates

Postman v10 features. Illustration.

Collaborate Effectively with Partner Workspaces

Learn about Postman's Partner Workspaces, which are shared, secure, access-controlled places where organizations can invite select partners to collaborate and build APIs.

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Get Native Git Support with the Redesigned API Builder

Postman's improved API Builder offers native Git support, letting you connect to your source code repository to automatically maintain API documentation, tests, and specifications alongside code.

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Case Studies

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WhatsApp Makes Developers' Job Easier With Postman

Postman has enabled the WhatsApp Business Platform to reduce developer onboarding time to minutes for its Cloud API and generate documentation for easier collaboration.

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Upcoming Events

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Unboxing What's New in Postman v10, Sept. 28

This one-hour session is especially well suited for testers, developers, and DevOps but also for anyone interested in boosting team productivity.

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The Postman API Network

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Postman's Ecosystem Partner Program Is Live

Our Ecosystem Partner Program is created to support companies and independent software vendors in building joint solutions with the Postman API Platform that improve the developer experience and enhance visibility in front of Postman's 25 million users.

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Empower Your Business with These Payment APIs

Businesses can develop payment programs faster by integrating publicly exposed payment APIs with their own systems. We've compiled a set of high-quality and ready-to-use payment APIs to cominbe with your own apps.

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Postman Resources

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Solve Problems Together with Postman Workspaces

Postman Co-founder and CEO Abhinav Asthana shares the ten common types of Postman workspaces that are helping teams collaborate to get more done, faster.

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Understand Asynchronous APIs and When to Use Them

Take a closer look at what makes asynchronous APIs different from synchronous APIs and learn when it's best to use each.

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In Case You Missed It

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Guide to API-First

The most farsighted companies take an API-first approach to their software development. Before writing a single line of code, developers first design or build the API. Check out our Guide to API-First to learn about the benefits for developers, organizations, and their customers.

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The 2022 State of the API Report

The results are in from the 2022 State of the API report, the largest and most comprehensive survey and report on APIs, ever. More than 37,000 respondents told us how they work with APIs, what tools and technology they're most excited about, and where they see the industry going.

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