October 2022 Newsletter

We're excited to announce our biggest Ecosystem Partner Program integration yet, with Microsoft Azure. Postman and Azure API Management users can now create and test their APIs in Postman, deploy them to Azure, and simplify the consumers' API onboarding experience.

This month, we also dig into the best use cases for gRPC versus HTTP, offer six Spectral rules that will bolster your API security, and host a Postman learning session designed just for API testers.

Plus, we're still rolling out Postman v10 to users. The early feedback has been fantastic. Want to get on the early access waitlist too? Sign up today!

Platform Resources

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How to Choose HTTP or gRPC for Your Next API

Postman Senior Developer Advocate Ian Douglas explores a deeper technical comparison between HTTP and gRPC API types, and why you might choose one over the other.

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Shift left with these 6 spectral rules

Postman Solutions Engineer Mark-Christian Reid offers six crucial Spectral rules that can help you shift left and improve your organization's API security.

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Staying relevant with an iterative API Governance strategy

Learn five key steps for implementing an effective and iterative API governance strategy at enterprise scale, from Postman Chief Evangelist Kin Lane.

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Case Studies

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OVO Shortens the Time to Launch Services to 2 Days with Postman

Fintech OVO improved developer productivity with Postman, reducing the time to launch a new service from 2 weeks to 2 days. Learn how OVO is also saving time by automating tests and enhancing collaboration with workspaces.

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The Postman API Network and Ecosystem

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Announcing the Postman Microsoft Azure Integration Partnership

Our newest Ecosystem Partner integration allows Postman-initiated imports from Azure API Management, including imported OpenAPI definitions. Plus you can export OpenAPI definitions to Azure API Management with support for versions, revisions, host selection, and environment variables. You'll also appreciate the ability to perform Azure-initiated export of APIs into Postman using Run in Postman.

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Postman Integration with Helios: Amplify API Management with OpenTelemetry Data

Save hours of work, digging through logs, connecting to remove containers, and combining partial pieces of data. With Helios, Postman's new Ecosystem Partner, the data is seamlessly available.

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Upcoming Events

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Introduction for Testers, Oct. 26

Join us for a one-hour, introductory Postman learning session geared specifically for API testers. In this session, you'll learn how to test the functionality and reliability of an API.

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In Case You Missed It

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Postman's Guide to API-First

The most farsighted companies take an API-first approach to their software development. Before writing a single line of code, developers, in partnership with the business, first design or build the API. Understand the benefits of an API-first approach and how to get started with our comprehensive guide.

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The 2022 State of the API Report

The results are in from the 2022 State of the API report, the largest and most comprehensive survey and report on APIs, ever. More than 37,000 respondents told us how they work with APIs, what tools and technology they're most excited about, and where they see the industry going.

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