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Talk: “Developers Are Pioneers Not Unicorns: Postman and the Interface Economy”

Talk: “Developers Are Pioneers Not Unicorns: Postman and the Interface Economy”

How Postman replaces people to people information transfers with information transfers through constrained interfaces.

Kristof Van Tomme, CEO at Pronovix

Kristof Van Tomme



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Mon Feb 08 2021

Stay on Top of Your APIs with Postman’s New Opsgenie Integration

By: Jot Sarup Singh

Monitoring IT infrastructure is critical. As always-on services and the interdependencies between them have risen, expectations for availability have also increased. Postman monitors enable teams to monitor their endpoints for performance, uptime, and functionality. And while monitoring is a great start, coupling it with incident management tools results in effective and proactive remediation of issues…

Mon Jan 11 2021

Introducing Bite-Sized Videos to Level Up Your Postman Game

By: Joyce

When you show someone something they didn’t know about Postman, seeing their face light up makes you feel like a hero. Even minor productivity hacks can make a big difference in someone’s day-to-day life at work. Then, when that person shares these tips with their teammates, they get to be the hero too. In the…

Thu Dec 10 2020

Public Workspaces: Why We Created Them and What You Can Do with Them

By: Abhinav Asthana

Let’s start with a bit of background. Here at Postman, we’ve always been obsessed with successful API calls. Why, you ask? A successful API call ensures that something that you’ve built is working; it gives you access to a system that was beyond your reach, helps you see data that you couldn’t see before, or…