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Discover two programs designed to bring you to the forefront of the API universe.

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APIs are the foundation of modern-day software development. Postman is the industry-standard API platform that makes you a key part of that foundation.

Our two programs—the Student Expert Program and the Classroom Program—are both designed to give students and educators new opportunities to learn and share the astounding power of APIs.

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Postman Student Expert Program

Elevate your software development and API knowledge while becoming a respected expert on campus. As a Postman Student Expert, you will receive:

  • API and Postman training created by the Postman team

  • Postman Student Expert Badge to showcase online and future employers

  • Exclusive access to Postman meetups and events like Postman Galaxy, the Postman user conference

  • An invitation to the Postman student programs online community

  • Access to Postman resources to organize events on your campus and earn the Postman Student Leader Badge

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Postman Classroom Program

Teach your students with industry-standard Postman API tools so they can be ultra-prepared for today’s world (and job market). This program is open to all educators in universities, high schools, coding bootcamps, and more. As a teacher in this program, you will receive:

  • Teaching kits to incorporate API and Postman education as part of your curriculum

  • Automated assignments to test the provided API curriculum

  • Free Postman licenses for you and your students

  • An invitation to the Postman student programs online community

Teach with Postman
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More than 13 million developers around the world use Postman today, and I invite every student and educator to join this community to learn, contribute, and help shape the future.

Abhinav Asthana, CEO and Founder, Postman

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