The Postman Contributor Program

We genuinely value all contributions from the fantastic, global Postman community. These contributions help countless fellow developers and deeply inform our product considerations every day. The Postman Contributor Program was created to provide special recognition to those contributors who go above and beyond, and say thank you.

Postman Contributor badge. Illustration.

The major community-contribution projects are below. If you've made a notable contribution to any of these projects, please let us know. We'd love to send you a Postman t-shirt as a small token of our appreciation. Claim your swag.


By contributing to Postman docs, you're supporting the education of other Postman users and guiding their path as they learn how to use Postman to its full potential.

Open-source projects

By contributing to open-source projects, you're shaping the core of Postman, bettering both your and other users' ability to utilize Postman day-to-day.


By contributing to Postman templates, you're reducing the work for other members of the Postman community who need to connect to certain APIs.

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The Postman Guest Blogger Program

If you have something to say about APIs, we want to help amplify your voice. Share your thoughts with the Postman community on the Postman blog.

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The Postman Supernovas Program

Postman Supernovas are leaders who publicly represent the Postman community at events. Whether giving talks, hosting workshops, or participating in meetups, Postman Supernovas build community with other users around the world.

If this sounds like you, we'd like to invite you to learn more about becoming a Postman Supernova.

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Want to contribute to Postman full time?

Great, because we're hiring superstars like you all over the globe. Check out our open positions to see if anything sounds like a good fit for you.