February 2023 Newsletter

One of the most requested features in Postman is now available: token refresh support for OAuth 2.0! Plus we have a new look coming to workspaces, tools to optimize your Private API Network, and pointers on API-first design.

And don't miss our live tutorial on using Postman Flows, the low-code solution for bringing your API-based applications to life.

Product Updates

Postmanaut working with OAuth tokens. illustration.

Postman now has token refresh support for OAuth 2.0

You can now easily refresh your OAuth 2.0 access tokens without having to go through the entire authorization process again. In addition, we've added support for ID tokens in OAuth 2.0, letting you quickly access a user's identity details and making it easier to work with OAuth 2.0 in your APIs.

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We have 2023 product and versioning updates—plus VS Code extension!

This year, we're simplifying the default view in workspaces and updating Postman on a more consistent schedule. And we'll release a VS Code extension later in 2023 to bring developers even closer to their API workflows.

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See what's trending in your Private API Network

Postman now displays the top trending APIs, collections, and workspaces across your Private API Network. As the number of elements in your network grows and viewership changes, the list will update to reflect that.

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Postman Resources

Postman world with WebSocket server. Illustration.

Set up a WebSocket server in Node.js

WebSockets are great for building real-time functions into games and chat apps, or for communicating financial trading data or IoT sensor data. Here's a tutorial that shows you how to create a WebSocket server and use Postman to send and receive messages across the WebSocket connection.

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What is API-first design?

Discover the eight traits of an effective API-first design—including reusability and interoperability—and how they fit with a broader API-first development model in this post by Postman API Governance Lead Arnaud Lauret.

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Case Studies

Postman Axis Bank case study. Illustration.

Postman fuels innovation at Axis Bank

Axis Bank, India's third-largest private bank, has tripled the pace of product releases, thanks to Postman. “Our product launches have skyrocketed with Postman because it does all the heavy lifting,” said Sanjay Jain, Axis Chief Technology & Product Officer. “Innovation has gained unprecedented momentum.”

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The Postman API Network

Postmanaut managing API network. Illustration.

Automate management of your Private API Network

What if you could automate tasks in your Private API Network, such as adding existing APIs, organizing your APIs, and integrating all API elements with your in-house tools and workflows? You can now, thanks to our new Private API Network API.

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There's an API for that

Postman's Public API Network is growing and now supports over 122,000 public workspaces and 260,000 API collections. The Salesforce Platform API collection has been forked almost 120,000 times, and the Notion API collection has been forked nearly 52,000 times—and that just scratches the surface..

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Upcoming Events

Postmanaut working on calendar. illustration.

Postman Intergalactic: Designing good API experiences, Feb.22

Join us for a one-hour introduction to API design basics, including best practices and standards using GraphQL and OpenAPI, how to design those in Postman, and how to prepare your workspace for the Postman Public API Network.

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Postman Intergalactic: Building low-code applications with Postman Flows, March 22

We're holding a one-hour tutorial on how to use low-code Postman Flows to make your API-based applications a reality. Come learn how to chain requests and work with authorization, variables, and more using Postman Flows.

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In Case You Missed It

Postmanauts walking upstairs to look outside. Illustration.

How to test JSON properties in Postman

JSON is one of the most used formats for sending and receiving API responses. Due to its popularity and human-readable standards, most programming languages have started supporting JSON within their pre-built libraries, which helps users create or parse JSON data. See how Postman and JSON work together.

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