October 2023 Newsletter

Check out the newly upgraded Postbot this month, which now offers AI-driven suggestions for API testing. And hear from our product team on how they use the Postman VS Code extension for their own API development workflows in our live tutorial next week.

We also wanted to share some news: Gartner has named Postman as a Visionary for a third year in its Magic Quadrant for API Management. This recognition was earned with the help of online reviews from Postman users like yourself—so thank you!

Product Updates

Postbot screenshot. illustration.

Postbot has smart suggestions

Postbot, our AI assistant, now offers smart suggestions right in your test editor. When you start typing, Postbot will suggest common behaviors that you can test for. And that's not all—it now offers autocomplete for test code, too.

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Postman Resources

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Serverless architecture and serverless APIs

Serverless architecture can help teams simplify deployment, reduce costs, and scale apps efficiently. But what exactly is serverless, and how does it fit into the development landscape? Postman's Ian Douglas delves into serverless and assesses its feasibility for API development.

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The ultimate guide to setting up team workspaces

This guide includes everything you need to know to set up team workspaces and onboard new members faster, plus actionable steps and real-world examples to maximize collaboration.

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Storage challenges in the evolution of database architecture

Learn how Postman engineers solved a physical storage issue in the database layer of sync service, one of the company's oldest monoliths and the brains behind Postman Collections.

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The Postman API Network

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Announcing the Harness the Weather Hackathon winner

Learn who won the API hackathon from Tomorrow.io and Postman—and what the team's extraordinary weather-centric application accomplishes.

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Upcoming Events

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Exploring Postman's VS Code Extension, October 25

Join us for a one-hour introductory tutorial on the Postman VS Code extension. We'll show you how to integrate Postman into your VS Code development workflow and send API requests while making use of collections and environments.

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In Case You Missed It

Postmanauts and Postbot flying in space. Illustration.

'APIs are the hands and legs that power AI'

Until now, developers have primarily been designing APIs for apps used by humans. Going forward, designing APIs for machines—AI bots and assistants—will become increasingly important. Postman CEO Abhinav Asthana explains APIs' key role in the spread of AI and why an API-first approach will be critical for organizations wishing to benefit from AI.

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