September 2023 Newsletter

It's our biggest month this year for product releases. Postbot, our AI-powered assistant, has been enhanced and is now available across your workspaces. And Postman Flows, our visual API-workflow builder for users of all levels, is now available on more subscription plans.

Plus, if you're looking to hone your skills with gRPC APIs, we've got just the ticket: an immersive Intergalactic learning session tailored to developers and testers. Check it all out below.

Product Updates

Postbot screenshot. illustration.

Put Postbot to work

Postbot simplifies API scripting and testing, displays responses visually, and offers solutions when you get stuck. Now, you'll find the AI-powered assistant across all Postman workspaces; look for Postbot at the bottom of your status bar. Try it today, and see why API developers at AWS, Notion, and more are relying on Postbot.

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Postman Flows Commercial screenshot. illustration.

Postman Flows, now widely available

Create real-world solutions with Postman Flows, our visual API-workflow builder for users of all skill levels. Drag and drop elements, watch data flows in real time, and take inspiration from other users' projects in the Postman Flows Gallery. Flows is free to try and now available as a full-featured add-on for all Basic and Professional plans.

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Postman Live Insights is in early access

Our new tool Live Insights discovers and monitors your production APIs, with no need for code changes or SDKs. Plus, Live Insights automatically creates collections based on traffic, and it flags APIs that are throwing errors. Sign up today for early access.

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Postman Resources

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Just in: improved Secret Scanner and management of public API keys

Our Secret Scanner, which scans public workspaces to detect any exposed secrets, now works on team workspaces as well. Plus we've added capabilities to our Manage Postman Keys page for admins.

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The Postman API Network

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8 Public API Network resources to elevate your e-commerce game

These APIs are designed to empower you on your quest for e-commerce greatness and spare you from having to reinvent the wheel.

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Upcoming Events

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Testing and developing gRPC APIs, September 27, 8am PDT

In this one-hour online session, experts from the Postman Team will explore gRPC API architecture, offer a deeper understanding of gRPC and its role in microservices, and show you how to harness Postman to test and develop gRPC APIs.

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In Case You Missed It

Postmanauts walking upstairs to look outside. Illustration.

The case for “developer experience”

How can we redefine and expand our notion of "developer experience"—and the way we build, buy, and use developer tools—so the tools fit the way developers actually work? Postman Head of Product-Observability and Akita founder Jean Yang weighs in.

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