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Lightning Talk: “Upgrade Your Collections”

Lightning Talk: “Upgrade Your Collections”

Practical documentation techniques to take your collection to the next level.

Carson Hunter, Software Developer  at Metadata Technology North America

Carson Hunter

Software Developer

Metadata Technology North America

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Mon Jul 26 2021

You Can Now Capture Responses Using the Postman Proxy

The Postman proxy helps you debug your application by capturing HTTP traffic and creating a collection that can be shared with users, or to create documentation. To do so, it sits in the middle of the client and the server to intercept the traffic that can then be further analyzed in Postman. My previous blog…

Thu Jul 08 2021

5 Things I Love about the Postman API Platform as an Engineering Manager

The Postman API platform has long been great to me as a frontend developer. At my previous company, it not only sped up our frontend development, but Postman Collections also did some pretty amazing things for the sales and marketing teams to show customers out in the field. These days, as an engineering manager working…

Wed Jun 09 2021

How Spritely Uses Postman to Create Health Tech for Retirees

This is a guest post written by Ryan Cornelius, product marketer and UX designer at Spritely. As the COVID-19 pandemic began wreaking havoc on industries worldwide in 2020, it also spurred rapid and long-awaited change in others. The health technology sector, for example, has seen unprecedented growth over the last year, with healthcare providers around…