June 2023 Newsletter

We never stop iterating, and this month we have several product updates you've been asking for. Our API performance testing feature is out of beta and in general availability. Be sure to try it out. And we've introduced Postman Assets Scaffolding to automate the creation of Postman assets.

For folks who might be considering a Postman Enterprise plan, we're excited to offer new solutions based on customer feedback. These include features to help you better manage team access and API keys.

And don't miss out on the chance to try out Postbot, our AI assistant. Postbot helps you debug and understand APIs, write tests faster, and make sense of large quantities of data. Sign up for early access today.

Product Updates

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Postman API performance testing is now open to all

In our blog post below, the Postman team demonstrates how to simulate loads on your APIs and visualize key performance metrics in real time.

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Postman Assets Scaffolding automatically builds Postman assets

Learn what you can do with the Postman Assets Scaffolding collection to automate the creation of Postman assets.

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Postman Resources

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Learn advanced FQL expressions in Postman Flows

Walk through nine examples showing how to create sophisticated Flows Query Language (FQL) expressions using sample data within the Evaluate block.

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Build an API with Postman, Node.js, and MySQL

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to create a ToDo API in Node.js with Postman's API Builder.

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The Postman API Network

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PayPal cuts 'time to first call' to 1 minute

PayPal reduced TTFC to one minute, decreased testing time to minutes, and more with Postman. How? Read on to find out.

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Top 30 APIs for best developer experience

Learn about 30 APIs picked for their functionality, usability, and overall experience—then start working with them today.

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Upcoming Events

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Introduction to API security, June 28

This one-hour webinar will focus on API security, tailored for beginners. We'll cover the OWASP API Security Top 10 risks and learn how to detect vulnerabilities in your APIs using Postman. Plus, we'll explore how to spot vulnerabilities associated with role-based access control.

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In Case You Missed It

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Try out the Postman VS Code extension

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the beta version of the Postman VS Code extension, which enables users to send API requests from within VS Code.

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